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What makes you most proud to work at Maine Grains?
The quality of ingredients produced and the positive force the company has on our community and the food system in New England

What meal do you ask for on your birthday?
I didn’t ask for a particular meal on my birthday, but I could eat my Grandmother’s rice and beans everyday

Tell us about your favorite pet
The one that doesn’t eat the inserts out of my shoes

What is your favorite musician or band?
Manu Chao, Femi Kuti; any kind of world music. I enjoy the rythym of music without getting bogged down by the lyrics. Also, any Latin music which speaks to my Spanish roots

What is your favorite activity to do in the outdoors of Maine?
Hunting. It is the only time of year where I can sit quietly for hours on end. I also enjoy providing for my family

What goal would you like to acheive in the next ten years?
I would like to have a couple of rental properties to get myself set up for retirement. Also, a lake house to enjoy Maine summer’s

If you were to star in your own movie, what character would you play?
The villain. It would be the opposite of the role I play in real life

What is one of your greatest accomplishments?
My two children, Marigu and Emilio, as well as my wife Rosa. I must have done something right in a past life to deserve such a supportive, loving family

Where do you hope to travel to one day?
Costa Rica, to learn how to surf

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