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What makes you proud to work with the mill?
I believe that several fundamental values of the Maine Grains ownership align with my own. Thus, I believe the work we do together has potential for positive impact both for the mill and beyond the mill’s immediate business circle.

Tell us about your favorite pet?
The late Sheldon was a cornerstone member of our family for 17 years. Half Sharpie, half Lab he was the best of both dog breeds, and while we all know Labradors, to know a Sharpie is to love a Sharpie. We miss him everyday.

Favorite musician or band?
I listen to and enjoy all types of music and a goal of mine is to eventually perform some programming for the really cool radio station, WXNZ, which resides in the Maine Grains mill facility. While I love all kinds of music, I tip my hat to the Beatles as I’ve been a fan since I was 5 years old, listening to Hard Days Night, etc., and watching Beatles cartoons and movies. The Beatles are where the love of music began for me!

What is my favorite activity to do outdoors in Maine?
Seakayaking is a passion and one reason I lobbied my warm weather loving wife Genie for a move to Maine. Seakayaking inspires me enough to get up at 4am to travel to the coast on weekend mornings … Trevitt being a favorite launching spot. A three hour paddle out on the Black and Sheepscot Rivers to the mouth of the bay and back with stops on Powderhorn Is., or various beaches depending on the tide, all while most are still asleep or having their morning coffee is an adventure in paradise for me. As a member of the Maine Island Trail Association, one has the amazing priviledge of island hopping and having travelled on seas from the Stonington Archipelago to Casco Bay I say with confidence that Maine’s coastline is second to none. When I’m not on the ocean Genie and I love the lakes – especially in concert with the loons and when not on the water, we love to hike or bike.  A goal for next summer is Katadin and additional hiking on the Appalachian Trail. Come winter, we trade in our paddles and thick soled boots for snowshoes and commence to long winter excursions in the deep snow or we’ll hit the snow covered frozen lakes with our cross country skis and go for a cruise. Less these days than when I lived in the White Mts, I’ll occasionally hit the slopes for some downhill while Genie might meet up afterwards for “a pres-ski” . Or just a walk outdoors anytime of year as we do our best to embrace the essence of beautiful Maine!

What is my favorite activity to do indoors in Maine
Officiate basketball, for which the sport was my passion in an earlier life … then afterwards, enjoy a well earned Maine craft beer.

What goal would you like to obtain in the next ten years?
The art of Zen and generally to “Imagine”. Maybe cliche, but true ..

What is your greatest accomplishment?
Earnestly embracing the notion that the more you know, the more you know you don’t know.

Where do you want to travel to someday?
To any new culture or experience

Mill: 42 Court Street Skowhegan, ME 04976

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