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Maine Grains is committed to producing the highest quality product. Our carefully selected grains pass through testing laboratories for analysis to ensure good baking and brewing performance.  Our hand shake promise to our customers:  that you will be completely satisfied.  If not we’ll work with you to find the right solution.  It’s the Maine way.

Our farmers pledge to use organically approved growing practices and non-GMO seed, as most farmers once did.  By taking care of soils and protecting biodiversity we are preserving the land for work and play for generations to come. Maine Grains purchases certified organic crops to the greatest extent possible as certified land and supplies increase. Our facility is certified organic by the Maine Organic Farmer and Grower’s Association.

At Maine Grains we celebrate the many different flavors and varieties of grain. Flavor can vary across farm, field, variety and crop year. Good organic farming practices combined with local growing conditions and careful attention to milling are what give our grains superior taste and texture for baking, cooking and brewing. We understand the difficulty that variation can bring to volume production. So, we are working to expand the capacity of our regional organic farms to offer the consistency of a year’s supply of any given variety minimizing the recipe formulation that comes with changes. Maine Grains is happy to provide guidance with your product selection in order to best suit your needs.


For our most up to date product specifications on Protein, Falling Number, and Alveograph W Value please inquire at info@mainegrains.com or call 207-474-8001 x 1

Product List

Maine Grains 2019 Product List

To order online: orders@mainegrains.com

To order by phone: 207-474-8001 x 1


Shipping & Delivery
We work with a variety of distributors throughout the northeast and we can also provide direct shipping options. Please contact us for further information

Maine Grains distributors currently include~

Downeast Food; Coverage Area: Maine to Portsmouth, NH

Contact Phone: (207) 786-0356

Contact Email: lisa@downeastfood.com


Chef’s Warehouse; Coverage Area: Northeast

Contact Phone: (646) 860-5812

Contact Email:  Ashley Moore, AMoore@chefswarehouse.com


Associated Buyers;  Coverage Area: Northeast

Contact Phone: (603) 664-5656

Contact Email: phyllisd@assocbuyers.com


Katsiroubas Bros.;  Coverage Area: Northeast

Contact Phone: (617) 442-6473

Contact Email: Benjamin Guertin, BENG@Katsiroubasproduce.com


NYC Greenmarket Co.; Coverage Area: New York City

Contact Email: Ashley Mueller, amueller@grownyc.org

Contact Website: http://www.greenmarketco.org/contact.html


Myers Produce; Coverage Area: Boston, Vermont, NYC

Contact: Annie Myers, annie@myersproduce.com

Contact Phone: (917) 733-9949

Contact Website: http://www.myersproduce.com/contact/


Northcenter PFG; Coverage Area: Northeast

Contact: Jen McCarthy, Jen.McCarthy@pfgc.com

Website: https://performancefoodservice.com/northcenter.aspx


Sysco NNE; Coverage Area: Northern New England

Contact Phone: (207) 871-0700

Website: http://www.sysconne.com


Crown of Maine; Coverage Area: Maine to Boston

Contact Phone: (207) 877-7444

Contact Email: marada@crownofmainecoop.com

Website: http://www.crownofmainecoop.com


Native Maine Produce; Coverage Area Maine

Contact Phone: (207) 856-1100

Contact Email: sashap@nativeme.com  

Website: http://www.nativemaineproduce.com


Boston Organics

Contact Email: Matthew Burt, purchasing@bostonorganics.com 

Website: www.bostonorganics.com


Lettuce Be Local; Coverage Area: Central Massachusetts

Contact Phone: (860) 428-5260

Contact Email: Lynn Stromberg, lynn@lettucebelocal.com  

Website: http://www.lettucebelocal.com


Farmers To You; Coverage Area: Vermont, Boston

Contact: Greg Georgaklis, greg@farmerstoyou.com  

Website: http://farmerstoyou.com


Specialty Foods Boston; Coverage Area: Boston

Contact: Alison E. Hearn, Dir. of Special Projects, misohearny@gmail.com  

Contact Phone: (617) 427-3200 

Website: http://www.specialtyfoodsboston.com


Shirazi Distributing; Coverage Area: Greater Boston

Contact Phone: (617) 427-0092

Website: https://shirazidistributing.com


For Wholesale direct ship options, please email orders@mainegrains.com for more information.

Mill: 42 Court Street Skowhegan, ME 04976

Mail: PO Box 2060 Skowhegan, ME 04976



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